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Escape rooms are an interactive adventure game where you and your team are in a themed room. You have 60 minutes to find a series of clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes to escape before your time is up!


At Espionage Escape Rooms, our ultimate goal is to stimulate social interaction in today’s world of technology. Escape rooms help to foster creativity and human ingenuity in an entertaining format. Fun for all ages, this activity can bring together just about anyone!

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King Tut’s Curse

Escape Room

You and your group of tomb raiders have finally reached the main chamber of the Great Pharaoh! You have 60 minutes to plunder his riches, but beware…if you stay too long his curse will capture you and you’ll be trapped forever!

The Doctor

Escape Room

You don’t remember much about last night, just that you went out with your friends, and met a new one. Now, you have all awoken to find yourself cuffed to an operating table! Perhaps the new friend you made last night isn’t so friendly after all! He said he was a Doctor…Dr. Victor Frankenstein. What does he have in store for you? You must escape his lab before he returns, and destroy his diabolical research to save others from sharing your possible fate!

Medusa’s Lair

Escape Room​

As warriors in Odysseus’ army, you are finally sailing home after 10 years at war with the Trojans! After stepping into the helm of Odysseus’ ship to start your journey home, you realize your troubles are far from over. You resist the sweet song of the Sirens, only to stumble upon the island lair of Medusa! You’ve survived 10 long years of war…will Greek mythological creatures be your undoing?? Do you have what it takes to escape Medusa’s lair and make it home?


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We are located just off Lincolnway, near Dynasty Buffet and next to Funflatables.

52 Marks Road, Suite 5, Valparaiso, IN 46383

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