Escape room games are a unique and engaging type of team-development activity. This makes them perfect for sports teams, youth groups, school classes, office parties, and team building for your organization.

The games will encourage a team, consisting of a variety of personalities, to interact and communicate in a casual environment. When the group is brought together to achieve the same goal, they are more likely to interact, build trusting relationships, and excel using one another’s strengths.

  • Having a birthday celebration?
    • Start the evening with mischievous laughter
  • Kicking off a Bachelor/Bachelorette party night?
    • Begin together and race the guys against the gals!
  • Looking for a new activity for New Year’s Eve?
    • Any holiday gathering is better when you lock your family/friends in a room!
  • Just in need of an EPIC outing with family or friends?
    • No distractions. No electronics allowed inside the rooms! Time is actually spent TOGETHER!​​

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Please note we do not offer Birthday packages or have a party/rental room.  Birthday parties are a regular booking.